Teaching With Fun Workshops

Artistic Robot Workshop

We teach students how to make 

 that move around, and draw 
all over the floor!!

Hands-on, fun and experiential workshops.

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Did You Know..

20% of students state that Art is their favorite subject, 
while only 8% of students overall agree to liking Science.

Artistic Robot Workshops teach students in a cross-curricular way about:


We teach students to learn ABOUT their weaknesses,  
THROUGH their strengths, whether it's science, art, or BOTH!

What Do the Robots Do?

These robots create art, by vibrating all over.  What you choose to do to YOUR robot changes everything though. 

Students in past classes have created robots that:
 -spit beads from their mouths
-turn on and off with homemade switches
-ooze paint all over the floor
-create noise and sound
-jump up and down
-light up 

What would you make?

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